Tektite 14g
Tektite 14g
Tektite 14g
Tektite 14g
Tektite 14g
Tektite 14g

    Tektite 14g


      Tektite is a unique and intriguing type of natural glass formed by the impact of meteorites on Earth's surface. Often black or dark brown, these cosmic gems are prized for their association with celestial energies and their potential to enhance spiritual experiences. Whether used for meditation, worn as jewelry, or admired for their cosmic origin, Tektites connect individuals to the vastness of the universe.

      Tektite, "The Celestial Glass," stands as a testament to the cosmic dance between Earth and the universe. Whether viewed as cosmic talismans or appreciated for their unique origin, Tektites offer a bridge to the mysteries of the cosmos and the transformative power of celestial energies.

      • Cosmic Connection: Tektites are revered for their extraterrestrial origin, believed to carry the energies of outer space and celestial realms. They are considered conduits for connecting with cosmic forces.
      • Transformation: Tektites are associated with transformation and change. They are thought to assist individuals in letting go of the old and embracing new beginnings, making them valuable tools for personal growth.
      • Enhanced Psychic Abilities: Some believe that Tektites can amplify psychic abilities and enhance intuitive insights. They are used by individuals seeking to expand their consciousness and spiritual awareness.


      Chakras: Tektites are often linked with the Crown (Sahasrara) and Third Eye (Ajna) chakras:

      • Crown Chakra (Sahasrara): Tektites facilitate a connection with higher consciousness, making them suitable for crown chakra work and spiritual exploration.
      • Third Eye Chakra (Ajna): Tektites stimulate the third eye, enhancing intuition, psychic perception, and inner vision.

      Zodiacs: Tektites are not specifically associated with zodiac signs, but their transformative and cosmic energies make them suitable for individuals open to exploring the unknown.

      Elemental Affinity: While not traditionally associated with a specific element, Tektites symbolize the transformative and unifying forces of fire and air, representing the cosmic energies from which they originated.

      Sun Exposure: Tektites can be exposed to sunlight without harm. In fact, sunlight is believed to enhance their energies. However, care should be taken to avoid prolonged exposure to maintain their natural appearance.

      Water Exposure: Tektites are not water-soluble and can be gently cleansed with water. However, as with any gemstone, prolonged submersion should be avoided to preserve their integrity.


      How to Use: Explore the celestial energies of Tektites through various applications:

      • Meditation: Incorporate Tektites into meditation practices to enhance spiritual experiences, connect with cosmic energies, and promote inner transformation.
      • Jewelry: Wear Tektite jewelry to carry its cosmic vibrations and benefit from its transformative energies throughout the day.
      • Altar or Sacred Space: Place Tektites on your altar or in your sacred space to invite celestial energies, enhance spiritual connection, and symbolize transformation.


        • Weight: 14g