About Us

What is Love Crystals? 

Love Crystals is a loving community of souls who share a passion for health and overall wellbeing, Love is the center of life and by sharing these energies with the world we hope to help guide and uplift the energy of each soul with one crystal at a time. Our beautiful crystals are all carefully handpicked, ethically sourced and always energized with love, each crystal is cleansed and can be programmed by request on purchase. 


Who's behind Love Crystals?  

Love crystals was founded by Sheri and Alex, Sheri has a diploma in Kinesiology and Crystal Therapy and Alex has a diploma in Marketing they are the perfect yin and yang combination and together have formed a joint love of crystals.


Alex from Brazil and Sheri from Australia two worlds meet and from their loving union formed Love Crystals Shop to share their love and passion of crystals with the world. 



Alex Favourite Stone: Quantum Quattro, Okenite, Labradorite and Chrysocolla.

Alex Star Sign: Capricorn 

Sheri Favourite Stone: Labradorite, Petrified Wood, Amethyst and Malachite. 

Sheri Star Sign: Sagittarius





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Love Crystals Shop 
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