Black Tourmaline and Hematite Natural | Small
Black Tourmaline and Hematite Natural | Small
Black Tourmaline and Hematite Natural | Small
Black Tourmaline and Hematite Natural | Small
Black Tourmaline and Hematite Natural | Small
Black Tourmaline and Hematite Natural | Small
Black Tourmaline and Hematite Natural | Small
Black Tourmaline and Hematite Natural | Small
Black Tourmaline and Hematite Natural | Small

    Black Tourmaline and Hematite Natural | Small


      Tourmaline is a fascinating gemstone known for its diverse range of colors and powerful metaphysical properties. With a unique ability to generate electrical charges and an innate connection to various chakras, Tourmaline is celebrated for its protective qualities and energy-cleansing capabilities. Whether used in jewelry, carried as a talisman, or incorporated into energy work, Tourmaline serves as a shield against negativity and a conduit for positive vibrations.

      Tourmaline, "The Stone of Protection and Energy Cleansing," invites you to embrace its diverse colors and dynamic energy. Whether utilized for its protective properties or admired for its vibrant aesthetics, Tourmaline stands as a resilient guardian in the realm of crystals, fostering a sense of security and energetic clarity.

      • Protection: Tourmaline is renowned for its protective energy, creating a shield against negative energies, psychic attacks, and electromagnetic pollution. It acts as a powerful guardian, keeping one's energy field clear and secure.
      • Energy Cleansing: This gemstone has the ability to cleanse and purify energy. It absorbs and transmutes negative energies into positive ones, promoting a sense of balance and harmony.
      • Electrical Properties: Tourmaline is piezoelectric, meaning it can generate an electrical charge when subjected to pressure or heat. This unique property adds to its energetic qualities, making it a dynamic and responsive crystal.


      Chakras: Tourmaline is associated with several chakras, and different colors of Tourmaline resonate with specific energy centers:

      • Black Tourmaline (Schrol): Root (Muladhara) Chakra
      • Green Tourmaline (Verdelite): Heart (Anahata) Chakra
      • Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite): Heart (Anahata) Chakra
      • Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite): Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra

      Zodiacs: Tourmaline is not specifically associated with particular zodiac signs, making it a versatile and universally beneficial stone for individuals of all astrological backgrounds.

      Elemental Affinity: Tourmaline is linked to the Earth element, symbolizing grounding, stability, and the protective energies of the Earth.

      Sun Exposure: Tourmaline can be exposed to sunlight without harm, but prolonged exposure may cause some colors to fade. Exercise caution to preserve its vibrant hues.

      Water Exposure: Tourmaline is generally safe to cleanse with water. However, it's essential to consider the specific variety and any accompanying minerals that may affect its reaction to water.


      How to Use: Discover the protective and energy-cleansing attributes of Tourmaline through various applications:

      • Jewelry: Wear Tourmaline jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, or rings, to benefit from its protective energy throughout the day. Different colors can be chosen based on specific intentions.
      • Talisman: Carry a piece of Tourmaline as a protective talisman or amulet. Place it in your pocket or purse to create a shield against negative energies.
      • Energy Work: Use Tourmaline in energy work or crystal grids to create a protective and purified space. Its ability to transmute energies makes it a valuable tool for energy practitioners.


        Hematite, "The Grounding Stone," with its striking beauty and grounding qualities, is a constant reminder of the stability and strength that can be harnessed from the Earth's elements. Whether used in meditation, worn as jewelry, or included in your decor, Hematite empowers you with its unique and stabilizing energies.

        Hematite, "The Grounding Stone," is a magnetic and metallic mineral known for its striking silver-black color and its powerful grounding properties. Its name is derived from the Greek word "haima," which means "blood," due to the reddish streaks often found in hematite. Hematite is not only visually captivating but also spiritually significant for its ability to anchor and stabilize one's energies.

        • Grounding Energy: Hematite is renowned for its strong grounding properties. It connects individuals to the Earth's energies, making it an ideal choice for those seeking stability, balance, and protection.

        • Strength and Confidence: This stone is associated with boosting one's self-esteem, confidence, and inner strength. It encourages individuals to stand firm and resilient in the face of challenges.

        • Harmony and Focus: Hematite fosters emotional balance and a sense of tranquility. It can help clear the mind and improve focus, making it an excellent tool for concentration.

        Chakras: Hematite primarily resonates with the Root chakra (Muladhara), grounding you to the Earth's energies and fostering feelings of stability and security.

        Zodiacs: Hematite is often associated with the zodiac sign Aries. It amplifies Aries' innate qualities of courage and determination, encouraging self-confidence and resilience.

        Elemental Affinity: Hematite is closely connected to the element of Earth, symbolizing the grounding and stabilizing energy of the natural world.


        How to Use: Hematite offers various ways to explore its potential:

        • Grounding Practice: Incorporate Hematite into grounding or meditation practices to anchor your energies and enhance stability.

        • Jewelry: Wear Hematite as jewelry to carry its grounding and confidence-boosting energies throughout the day while enjoying its metallic luster.

        • Harmonizing Decor: Use Hematite decor in your living spaces to create a harmonious and balanced environment. Its presence can encourage emotional equilibrium.

        • Concentration Aid: Keep Hematite nearby during tasks that require focus and clarity to improve concentration and mental organization.

        • Protection Talisman: Hematite is believed to protect against negative energies and electromagnetic radiation, making it an ideal choice for an energetic shield.


        Weight Range: 30-60g

        All unique in design and intuitively each piece is hand-picked for you.