Selenite with Red Aura Quartz Pendant
Selenite with Red Aura Quartz Pendant
Selenite with Red Aura Quartz Pendant
Selenite with Red Aura Quartz Pendant
Selenite with Red Aura Quartz Pendant
Selenite with Red Aura Quartz Pendant

    Selenite with Red Aura Quartz Pendant


      Selenite, the "Liquid Light," embodies the serene qualities of moonlight and serves as a powerful ally on your spiritual journey. Whether used for cleansing, meditation, or creating a spiritually uplifting atmosphere, Selenite's gentle energy can help you find clarity, peace, and spiritual connection.

      Selenite, often referred to as the "Liquid Light" or "Satin Spar," is a radiant and ethereal crystal known for its gentle, high-vibrational energy and its ability to cleanse and purify the spiritual and energetic aspects of our being. Its name is derived from the Greek word "selēnē," meaning "moon," and it is associated with the soothing qualities of moonlight. Selenite is revered for its numerous metaphysical properties and is a valuable tool in meditation, energy work, and spiritual growth.

      • Cleansing and Purification: Selenite is renowned for its cleansing and purifying abilities. It can clear negative energy from a space, other crystals, and even your own energy field. It's often used to create a sacred and energetically pure environment.

      • Connection to Higher Realms: Selenite is a powerful activator of the Crown chakra (Sahasrara), helping you connect with higher states of consciousness, angelic realms, and spiritual guides. It enhances psychic abilities and intuition.

      • Emotional Healing: Selenite has a soothing energy that helps relieve stress and anxiety. It promotes emotional healing, peace, and mental clarity. It encourages you to release emotional blockages and find serenity.

      • Spiritual Growth: Selenite supports spiritual growth and expansion, aiding in meditation, dream work, and inner exploration. It can provide insight and guidance on your spiritual path.


      Zodiacs: Selenite is not commonly associated with specific zodiac signs, making it suitable for individuals of various astrological backgrounds who seek its cleansing and spiritually enhancing qualities.

      Elemental Affinity: Selenite is closely connected to the element of Wind and is often associated with the air element, signifying clarity, purity, and communication.

      Sun and Water Exposure: Selenite is sensitive to moisture and should be protected from exposure to water. It can be exposed to sunlight briefly for cleansing and recharging, but prolonged exposure may affect its appearance.


      How to Use: Selenite offers numerous ways to explore its potential:

      • Meditation: Hold a piece of Selenite during meditation to enhance your connection to higher realms, access inner wisdom, and experience a profound sense of peace.

      • Energy Cleansing: Use Selenite to cleanse the energy of other crystals. Place your crystals on a Selenite charging plate or wand to refresh and recharge them.

      • Space Cleansing: Wave a Selenite wand or place Selenite towers in your living space to purify and uplift the energy. This can create a serene and sacred atmosphere.



      Aqua Aura Quartz is created by fusing atoms of pure gold onto clear quartz. Aqua aura quartz is the icon of the new era of spiritual knowledge.

      With this stone in hand, you will find that you are evolving spiritually inside and may find that you need more personal space and time which may not always be easy for those close to you to understand.

      Aqua Aura Quartz releases negative energies from your auric field, bringing inner peace and relief from stress. Aqua aura quartz puts your mind, body and spirit back on track if you have strayed from the ideal blueprint of your potential. It reactivates a sluggish immune system and shields you from all kinds of harmful rays, pollution, negative people and situations. 

      Aqua aura quartz enables you to flow with life and to find your own unique path to fulfilment. It stops you from merely responding to life and puts you in control of your destiny. Aqua aura quartz encourages you to take responsibility, to maximize what you can give, and changes the emphasis from measuring success by material wealth to seeking a more ecological and spiritually focused lifestyle.

      Aqua aura quartz is a powerful tool in clearing communication barriers and allowing healing to occur. It guides you to speak with optimism and authenticity. Aqua aura quartz is a powerful stimulator of the throat chakra. When your throat chakra is under-active you lack the ability to communicate clearly. You may find others cannot understand you or misinterpret what you are saying. People may find you unreliable and inconsistent. Telling the truth and even being honest with yourself may be a challenge and the unclear hesitant messages that you give out may have caused you to trouble in the past. You may find that dealing with people on a day to day basis is frustrating and feel misunderstood as an individual, leading to a tendency to keep to yourself more and more over time. Wear aqua aura quartz near or throat each day to stimulate the throat chakra.

      When you are not able to express yourself freely, it can start to manifest physically in your body. A sore throat, laryngitis, tonsillitis, teeth or jaw problems, earache, hearing problems, sinus infections, thyroid problems and sore neck or shoulders may all suggest that you are facing a communication barrier somewhere in your life. If you are feeling suffocated, smothered or stifled this may manifest as asthma and unresolved sadness physically in the lungs. Aqua aura quartz can assist you. 

      ​Once your throat chakra has balanced, aqua aura quartz can help you manifest your desires. This stone adds power to your words bringing them into action and physical manifestation. It will break down closed doors, expand opportunities and attract like-minded people. If you live in a household that has severe communication issues, this stone can open the pathways again. 

      Aqua aura quartz also strengthens higher forms of communication. It is good for inspired writing, aiding telepathy.

      1. ZODIAC: Aquarius
      2. CHAKRAS: Throat


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