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Okenite Natural Piece Mineral Specimen Fragile
Okenite Natural Piece Mineral Specimen Fragile
Okenite Natural Piece Mineral Specimen Fragile
Okenite Natural Piece Mineral Specimen Fragile
Okenite Natural Piece Mineral Specimen Fragile

Okenite Natural Piece Mineral Specimen Fragile

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Okenite are unique white crystals that have a quite beautiful shape and form that looks a little like a cotton ball.

This unusual mineral has metaphysical properties that support you to be more truthful and their energy may also help you to be more gentle in your way of speaking the truth.

They are known as stones of karmic grace that help you to release any negative energy related to karmic events still held in your energy field from past lives.

These unusual stones are beneficial when used at any chakra, aiding self forgiveness and clearing guilt... to aid the cycle to complete.  

The healing properties of crystals like these are particularly helpful to assist disease that is related to aging, as well as having a number of other useful purposes.

Okenite is known as a stone of karmic grace. Not everyone knows about what the meaning of karmic grace is, as it is a quite tricky concept.

So lets first think about the meaning of karma. Karma is generally related to the receiving of either punishment or reward for the good or bad deeds done while on earth.

Those who believe in karma expect that each life that is lived on earth plays out according to how you have acted in a past life, and that you return to earth to resolve karma where necessary.

  1. MIND: This stone makes use of metal energy, which is the energy of creativity, intelligence, healing, and contraction. It’s the energy of crystallization and togetherness, which can apply to ideas, groups, and concepts. Okenite is sharp, hard, and often destructive, but it’s an essential element in life that will guide you in finding your way without ending up being a victim. It will bring energies of determination and concentration to you and your dwellings, and it will enhance the space that you use for work, collaboration, strength, and concentration.
  2. BODY: Okenite can encourage a good flow of milk for nursing mothers. It can stimulate and improve upper body circulation as well. It’s also known to reduce fevers and ease nervous disorders. Okenite can assist with the treatment of blood diseases and stomach problems. It can also help slow down the aging process.This stone is also known to be very beneficial in balancing emotions and hormonal changes.
  3. SPIRIT: Just like its appearance, Okenite has a furry, soft & loving energy that instills feelings of comfort & belonging. Simply having a piece nearby is calming & brings peace of mind. One of the New Age stones, Okenite links you to your Higher Self & helps you in your spiritual journey on this earthly plane.
  4. SOUL: The energies of this stone will encourage you to keep making new memories together to keep the love alive and the relationship growing. Okenite will urge you to release your old patterns and bring in something new to your relationship. It will make you reflect on all the things that you have contributed to your relationship, and what else you can change or bring to the table. Okenite is also known as the Stone of Truth because it will instill truth and honesty in you, your partner, and your relationship.
  5. CHAKRAS: Crown and Soul Star


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