How to choose a crystal?

Working with crystals is a very intuitive personal experience, we have provided meanings of each crystal of common feelings and energy, however we encourage you to choose a crystal on your feelings, though our crystals are purchased online we are still guided by our higher self and intuition to match to what is best for our healing at this point in time in our lives. Trust your internal guide, your gut and this could be the look of the crystal, the colour, the shape even the price it's what catches your attention first. The crystal world can seem overwhelming at first as there are so many opinions on what to buy and what for, however, when you tune into yourself and truly listen you will be guided to what's best for you.


How do I work with my crystals?

Working with crystals is first about building a relationship with them, firstly before you work with your crystal you want to cleanse and charge to your energy, Simply rinse under running water/ take it to the ocean/ cleanse with sage or place under a full moon. (please note some crystals are water-soluble and may not be suitable for cleansing with water -eg selenite/kyanite if unsure please ask)

Once your crystal is cleansed and charged and before you use it, take a moment to sit and ground yourself, sit comfortably with your feet firmly on the ground, if you can have your feet on dirt of grass this is best however if you are in an apartment or on concrete simply close your eyes breathe deeply in and out and visualize tree roots from under your feet deep into the earth below. If you are sitting in a building visualize the tree roots going through each layer of concrete and building until you are in the earth below and allow your roots to go deeply into the center of the earth.

Now you are grounded we will connect with our higher self by visualizing energy running from our feet straight up to our bodies through the top of our head into the sky, through the earth's atmosphere, and to our own star.

Once you have done both of these take a few deep breaths and feel in this space, use your crystal now place where feels the best for you at this time and breathe and allow yourself to feel the energy of this crystal. Keep a notebook handy as after each meditation you may want to write down what you feel, visualize or even hear. 

Once you have connected with your crystal keep this crystal in your energy for the next week, if at any time you feel you do not wish to have this crystal with you trust that instinct, crystals tend to bring up energy stored in our bodies and aura and this crystal may need cleansing.