Many people own gemstones and crystals, but most people do not realize the true power that these stones actually possess. Take a closer look at all the gemstones and crystals that you currently own; did you know that each of them has unique and powerful energies that can be used to help you? If you learn how to use these stones’ energies, you can manifest almost any desire! You have unlimited powers in your possession to create your dreams, and what you create is only limited by your imagination! 

Why Gemstones and Crystals Are Powerful Psychic Energy Tools 

What is it about gemstones and crystals that allow them to be used as powerful psychic energy tools? I use the word “psychic” because, as you will learn, working with gemstones and crystal takes place on a psychic level. Even the powers that you use to attune to and care for them will come from your inner psychic reserves.


It is the unique, natural, and powerful energetic makeup that each gemstone and crystal possesses that make it a very effective tool. The magical properties of gemstones and crystals can be used for healing, empowerment, protection, and manifesting your desires. They can also be used to invite love into your life, increase the amount of wealth you possess, or bolster your spirits when you are down.

How They Work

Gemstones and crystals contain magnetic vibrations, which can positively affect the energies surrounding them, including your own personal energy fields. Because each gemstone or crystal has its own unique energy, each type of stone produces a different effect. Some can charge you with energy, while others can put you in a deep state of relaxation, helping you to experience greater levels of peace in your personal meditations. You will soon discover that each of your gemstones and crystals radiates a different frequency of energy that is as unique to each of type of stone as our fingerprints are to each of us. 

Because of the powerful energies that gemstones and crystals contain, they have been used for magical purposes in various cultures and traditions throughout the ages. In addition to being beautiful accessories and elegant adornments, they have been collected, used, and treasured for their powerful energetic qualities. 

Once you learn the amazing powers that each gemstone and crystal possesses, you will be able to start collecting gemstones and crystals, and using them to fulfill your wishes and manifest your desires. 

In the following chapters, I will teach you how to choose and cleanse these precious stones. I will teach you the powers that each gemstone and crystal possesses within it. The more you understand them, the more powerful they will become for you. Remember that knowledge is power, and power is put to the best use in the hands of someone knowledgeable