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4 Steps to Cleanse Your Space for the New Year

2022 is just a few days away, but there’s still a lot to be done before the new year. One of the most important things to do before a new year is an energy clearing session for your home! This cleanse ensures that your space is as ready as you are for the new year. 

Why, you may be wondering, do you need to cleanse your space before the new year? Over time, our space accumulates energy, and even if you do regular clearing sessions, you may want to do one final cleanse to close out 2021. By cleansing your space, you can be sure to eliminate any remaining unwanted energy or old energy from your home before the new year. It’s also important to do it before, rather than after, the new year because clearing out your home on January 1 (or really any time in the first few days of the year) can clear away all of that powerful new energy.

So, let’s get started on the last space clearing of 2021! You’ll need:



Step 1: Sage Your Space

Before you begin, open all of the doors and windows so that the negative energy can leave the space. Light the sage for 30 seconds and blow on it to create enough smoke to fully cleanse your environment. Use a feather to waft the smoke into smaller spaces like corners, or upward toward the ceiling. We recommend starting your sage cleansing session at the front door, and move in a clockwise direction. 

If for any reason you cannot sage your space, use the sage essential oil No Bad Vibes crystal spray as a substitute to eliminate negative energy. 

To close out your saging session, use your Bell to break up the energy. Similar to what you did with the sage, start at your front door and move around each room clockwise, ringing the bell three times in each corner.

Step 2: Create a Space Clearing Jar

After clearing the energy of your home with sage, it’s time to bring in the crystals. First up is Black Tourmaline, which comes together with salt and water to form a space clearing jar. Simply add 2 tablespoons of sea salt and one Black Tourmaline crystal to a Mason jar, and fill it up halfway with water. Place this space clearing jar in a central area of each room in your home. The combination of salt and Black Tourmaline work together to eliminate any remaining negative energy and absorb low vibrations. 

Leave the jar as-is for 24-48 hours, and then remove the crystal from the water and place it outside for at least four hours to recharge. You can repeat this process again if you still feel that there are bad vibes in your space

Step 3: Grid Your Space with Selenite

After cleansing away the darkness, we’ll use Selenite to bring in the light. This high vibrational crystal works in a few different ways to envelop your home in its bright, uplifting energy.

First, seal your space with light by placing a Selenite point or tower in every corner of your home. This light energy not only fills your space with positivity, but it also blocks negativity from being able to enter your energy field. Points or towers work best for this purpose because of their shape, which directs the energy of light upward and outward.

Next, place Selenite cleansing crystals on any window sills in your home to bring in more light, joy, positivity, and uplifting energy. When the natural sunlight hits the crystal, the light abounds.

Step 4: Burn Incense 

The final step in this energetic cleansing is to burn incense. You can use any type of incense you’d like, but we especially recommend energy cleansing incense such as copal. 

So, how does your space feel now? Did you notice a shift? After completing these steps, your home is like a blank canvas ready to support your goals and intentions over the next year. And since your space is a reflection of how you feel inside, both you and your home are ready to rock the new year!

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